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Every programmer codes a little bit differently. This is always the case since everyone thinks and acts a little differently than their peers, right? So how do we deal with this? How do we deal with this by not being super strict in terms of coding and at the same time, by not killing the creativity of our team. So here are 3 practical code writing ethics that I think we should practice.

#1 Communicate!

Are you new to this job? Are you looking for ways to improve how you work? Here are five traits that I think would help you to be a more effective software engineer.

#1 Great SE’s are Good Listeners

I have been working as a backend developer for over 6 years now. I mostly worked with big enterprise clients like Monde Nissin Corporation when I started working and now I’m currently working for one of the big local gas & oil companies still here in the Philippines. I learned a lot from my experience in being a programmer for the enterprise. And now I’m going to try and share with you now my insight into being an Enterprise Programmer.

Define Enterprise Programmer

Do you feel like you’re dragging yourself all the way to work every day? You’re not alone. I feel like that too most often than not. And I think I know the reason. I think the reason is the fact that I’m working for a company not on what I really would like to work on. But because I have responsibilities as an adult I really can’t pursue the things I want to pursue that easily since I have people depending on me now.

As a child, I never did really know what I wanted to do with my life…

Ever since I used a Mac, I never really wanted to use a Windows PC ever again. And it pains me every time I need to use my work laptop.

Redesigned Windows UI/UX

I hated the User Interface of Windows. I don’t like its sharp corners, fonts, and start menu. The start menu is ugly in my opinion. I think it needs a redesign. I am wishing that the day would come that Microsoft would also be known for its well-designed products from software to hardware.

New File System

Windows File System is crap. The file system is not easy to use. It’s slow and I…

Many people including us often interchange the words simple and easy thinking that it’s the same. But, it’s not. Just because something is simple to use doesn’t mean it’s easy to manufacture, right? We use our smartphones everyday and we love it because it’s simple to use — its user interface is very intuitive that we barely need to look at the manual to operate it. But, it does not mean that it was easy to manufacture and conceive. It doesn’t mean just because it’s simple to watch a movie doesn’t mean it’s easy to produce and direct it.


Hey Apple! I just want you to know what I still love your products and I think you still practice the culture of innovation that Steve Jobs left behind. I know that there are many incredibly talented people at Apple who is working 24/7 to come up with new and creative ways to enhance the products and the services that only Apple can provide.

I love using the 2019 13" Macbook Pro, the iPhone XS, the Airpods 2, and the Apple Watch Series 5. I think they are all wonderful products overall.

I just want to remind you that Steve…

This COVID-19 pandemic continues to make a large impact on everyone throughout the world. Some of the effects of this pandemic are that many people are losing their lives because they were infected by this disease, big hospitals are hitting their full capacity resulting to other people who also need immediate medical attention to not get the proper medical treatment that they need due to the hospital not being able to allocate enough of its staff to accommodate the ill, businesses are losing money quickly because there are no customers to buy their products and services, people are becoming unemployed…

JavaScript has been around for quite awhile. It started as a simple scripting language for client-side needs in the early days of the web. Now, it’s one of the most powerful programming language to date.

Learning JavaScript can enable us to build very rich web applications, sophisticated microservices architecture, robust console applications, native mobile applications and more.

Here are some of the tools that we can use to build our apps in JavaScript


I have been working for almost 5 years now. I have been with 3 companies in those 5 years as of this writing. There are a couple of things I learned in order for me to at least stay working with a company and I’m going to share them with you.

Here are the four things I look for in a company:

Great People

It is hard to leave a company if the people there are already close to you. People are an important factor in a company. After all, companies are made of people. …


🧑🏻‍💻 Practical tech guide

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